Monday, April 29, 2013

Be Grateful For What You Have

There are some people who no matter what, somehow just bounce back from anything ..

Just like that. Then there are those (even I've been one myself at some stage), who no matter how well things are going for them, still have reason to moan, whinge, and gripe about everything..

Kind of like that eh?

Ok, the message here is simple. If you've got more reasons to be unhappy than happy, then do something constructive about it. And before the cynics out there say "oh it's easy for him to say, sitting behind a computer,with all this advice and blah blah", let me reassure them that one of the reasons I'm still here, is a lot of prayer and god's grace ok?

And this site is meant for everyone of us, such as..


not forgetting...

So, yes I do know how hard and tough life can be, but the bad times never last ok? So, be grateful to the universe, god, or whatever you believe in, that you're alive, ok? Oh go on, smile!..

That's better.

Now then, no matter how important we are, our relevance to this world is what makes us feel important, right?


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