Monday, April 29, 2013

Try Putting Yourself In The Other Person's Shoes Before Judging Them

Everyone I have ever known - including myself - has done this..

( I wanted a pic of a judge??..never mind) ..without perhaps even realizing they're doing it. Of course, there's nothing inherently wrong in making a judgement about something; after all, if we didn't do this, we probably wouldn't be such interesting and wonderful loveable people. Even with all our good points and bad points, right?..

Yes, even he made a judgement at one point. To defy the odds and ride a bike..

Wahey! Some people out there laughing? good! If not, never mind. Seriously though, when it comes to any everyday situation (such as bad service at the checkout, shop, restaurant, minor fallout with a friend, partner, family members, etc), then try to see the other person's point of view too, before having a go at them. The alternative being that they are otherwise quickly "condemned", and unmentionable language, along with god- knows - what - else, follows suit.

For those who are saying, "hang on, I always do this, and yet people still get away with treating me bad" then perhaps there's overkill going on, which isn't a good idea either?..

In which case, both parties should steer clear of each other for while, right?..

For if you have a good heart and feel victimized, (hey even I know what that's like), only god could curb your anger..

It's ok , I understand, even if my "ever non-correct" art department doesn't. Besides, I know that deep down all of us have a happy person waiting to burst forth with all their vigour. But if you're lacking vigour, then offers 12,000 vitamins, herbs, and nutritional products at discount prices. A dose of vitamins really does wonders, right?..

Er yeah, that's er right(??), so, if things are mostly good in life, and you're not looking for perfection, because this world is a fun place with all it's ups and downs, then perhaps everyone should..


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