Friday, April 12, 2013

Be Inspired And Inspiring

It's not only the poets, singers, actors and painters in this world who mention those golden words "I was inspired by". Think of someone who has influenced your behaviour and perhaps changed your life.. ok, if that works for you then fine. Now think of someone whose life you have influenced in a positive way..! Fantastic or what? So not only have you been inspired, you have also been inspiring to someone else too. Isn't that just the greatest feeling in the world?..

..Aaah! So you see, influencing others in a positive and life enhancing way has such a great reward factor. Being influenced by great teachers, artists, poets, and even your parents and family when they set good precedents is also a great feeling, which you can carry with you in this world, wherever you are. So there we have it, and I hope.. ok, I also pray that so far, this site has been a life enhancing and positive influence on you too. Don't forget that you can click on the I Just Wanna Say button (preferably after you've visited the whole site), and leave your comments, remembering to be polite and not use foul mouthed and abusive rhetoric, ok?

Next up, we have a list of "no-no's" or "The Dont's Of Life" as they're also known, so are you ready?..


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