Friday, April 12, 2013

Say "No" And Mean It

Kids are really good at saying no aren't they? However, as adults, we sometimes stretch our elastic of kindness to breaking point, which causes us other problems. For example, I can remember quite clearly a time when I just could not say no to requests from friends family etc, for errands, little favours,common requests, etc, and it mounted up to the point where I felt "left behind" in my own life just so i could keep up with theirs!..

HaHaHa! Yes even I can laugh about it now, but at the time I remember feeling my self- esteem plummeting, along with my well being. I had gotten into the habit of being "a total walkover" for other people, so it seemed too difficult to say no , because I thought it would offend or hurt them , never mind what I had to go through as a result?!..

It's ok, times have changed and my life has also changed, by the grace of god. And all I did was pluck up some courage and start to say no to people. Now those who were a common "tried and true" presence in my life, understood, but some fell by the wayside in slight acrimony. However, it was worth it because I'm happier and freer as a result.

I'm aware I've gone on a bit at length about myself here, but I've only done so to illustrate that it was'nt easy for me either? You, however, are much braver, smarter, and brilliant than I was so..

Er, you shouldn't have the same problems I had; even more so if you're a championship weightlifter I suppose..

Wahey! I got you giggling yet again, and even though it's not always easy to explain the lessons of life, I do try. But even I'm aware that..


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