Thursday, April 11, 2013

If Someone Has the 3C'S , then be wary of them..

What exactly are the 3C'S??..

Okay, to coin a phrase that my father passed on to me, the 3C'S are theCorrupt, Cunning and Calculated people you will encounter in the world..

..Hey relax, it's not that much of a surprise is it?..

..Great, now you know where i'm coming from. But seriously though, I've got a feeling that most of you know exactly what I mean.

In effect, the kind of person who fits this bill, usually shows their "true colors" quite early on in an encounter. The "symptoms" of such an individual include constant lying, coupled with a high degree of shamelessness about their lies when caught along with not much (or little) sign of remorse when queried about treatment of others which is clearly unfair, yet to them seems normal or insignificant .

And of course, the ultimate giveaway sign is they really are almost transparent and comical purveyors of lesson 20, which means they will sometimes even accidentally reveal themselves in the process of "ripping someone off" I could really go on and on here but..

..well apart from sending you to sleep, I'm certain that there's many people out there in the world, who are familiar with this, so not much else needs to be added. However, its sometimes just best to avoid or "bow out and away" from these people, rather than..

..ok? Yes I know exactly how some of you feel, because even I have been an unwitting victim of such individuals on occasion, but always remember what goes around comes around in this world and you are not god or the law either. So help me god, I have yet to see someone who is too far gone towards the wrong side of humanity, and not be punished for it by the bounds of law and order in this world..

That's right, smile, be happy, love yourself and love others. Speaking of which, that leads me to..


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