Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quotes By Famous People

I don't know about you but I've found that quotes by famous people make a really fascinating read. To become famous is a dream that most people have - I know I certainly had that dream many times and you probably did to.

Reading some of the things from those who have already achieved the fame and fortune that is envied by most can be absolutely enlightening.

Wisdom Found In Quotes By Famous People
Let's face it - you can find excellent advice from the super stars and from the greatest creative geniuses of our time.

Some of these quotes by famous people came from those who have shaped our world into what it is today.

You will find Albert Einstein quotes,Bob Dylan quotes,Oprah Winfrey quotes, Dalai Lama quotes, Mahatma Gandhi quotes that are rich with nuggets of wisdom. All you have to do is keep your eyes open and you will get the message.

What Can You Learn From These Quotes By Famous People?
To answer that question, I can sum it up by saying - "a lot." You can learn so much from the Eleanor Roosevelt quotes and Maya Angelou Quotes that I have found.

You will find quotes about character, success, adversity, leadership and even politics. There is nothing you can think of that the rich and famous haven't experienced.

Some of them weren't always rich so some of the quotes by famous people may speak about poverty as well.

I have taken my time to learn some of the success habits of the mega successful. To be a success you have to emulate those who have achieved what you desire to achieve and reading their words of wisdom will unlock some of your own hidden potential.

Success usually happens to those who know without a doubt that they will achieve whatever they want in life. They have an unshakable desire to succeed and they take failure as a lesson and not as an excuse to quit. These are just a few things that you can learn from these quotes by famous people.

Famous People Make Mistakes Too
I have been surprised at some of the stupid things that I have seen on TV that was done by some of my favorite stars and world leaders. Then I remember that they are human too and they will make mistakes.

The reason why their mistakes seem so much worse is because it is scrutinized by millions of critics and the media. Sometimes the simplest things are blown way out of proportion. I think you can agree with me on that point.

We have become a world that loves gossip and we rip the character of the super stars to shreds. We laugh at their iniquities and we rejoice at their mishaps. That seems a bit cruel to me.

It maybe just entertainment for you but these people have lives as well and sometimes their lives are totally destroyed by the public.

Building Your Character With Quotes By Famous People
Despite the fact that the rich and famous make tons of mistakes and their decision making process seems to be a little out of whack sometimes, they're many of them who can teach us how to live exceptional lives.

You can find lots of character building advice in the Confucius quotes, Buddha quotes, Marilyn Monroe quotes and Mark Twain quotes.

While reading some Helen Keller quotes I came across some excellent character building advice as well. She taught me that my character can be developed through trial and suffering.

She said when I go through those experiences my soul will be strengthened and my ambition will be inspired. Now if that isn't great character building advice, I don't know what is.

Drill Deep With Audrey Hepburn
How deep do you want to go into understanding love and gratitude? If you want to get really deep into it then the Audrey Hepburn quotes are just right for you.

Audrey Hepburn has used her fame and fortune to help others all around the world and she speaks of love, sharing and caring for others every time she could. She teaches us about education and family as well.

Audrey says that "the only things of interest are those linked to the heart." These words are very powerful for those who believe that life's worthwhile gifts are those things that make a person feel true happiness.

Other Mentionable Quotes By Famous People
Now they are many other worthy famous quotations by famous people that should be highlighted. Some of these include Mae West and her famous Mae West quotes. She definitely has her own unique way of seeing the world and the men in it.

If you are looking for some really funny quotes then laugh your heart out with the Erma Bombeck quotes. She is one of my personal favorites.

For the ladies who want to find out how to be truly elegant then you need to become acquainted with the Coco Chanel quotes. Her name is synonymous with beauty and has lots of great advice to give on how to be beautiful.

Now for more love and wit you may want to consult the Shakespeare quotes and Romeo Juliet quotes. These quotes have lasted the tests of time and like a fine wine they get better with age.

When we were kids went through the Dr Seuss and Winnie the Pooh stage but as an adult we seem to forget some of the best Dr Seuss quotes and Winnie The Pooh quotes that helped shape us into the great women and men we are today. These quotes will take you on a trip down memory lane; back when life was simple.

Ralph W Emerson quotes are some that should be meditated upon and used in every area of your life especially success. He really lays out some of the best principals for life. 

The only other famous quotes by famous people that rival his would be from one of the founder fathers of America. Benjamin Franklin quotes also teaches you some excellent facts about life.

If you haven't realized by now how much I love quotes by famous people then you will never understand. I love them because there is so much you can learn from the people that have gone before us.

If you take your time and go through some of the quotes coming up you will definitely find something that will touch you and open your mind to different possibilities.

Don't forget to check out some of the other quotes by famous people that were mentioned throughout this page. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do.


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