Thursday, April 11, 2013

Somethings In Life Just Cannot Be Explained & Doing So Reduces Them To Dogma

Read the above. Read it again. Now think of something happy, joyous, uplifting, etc, which is personal to you and you find hard to explain..

Don't worry it may not come to you yet, but when it does, and you find it hard to put into words then you've justified my inclusion of this lesson. It could be spiritual, emotional, a "feeling", even a "vibe" about something or someone.

Whatever it is, it's personal to you and as long as it's a positive and progressive experience, then that's all that matters..

I'm glad some of you understand what I'm saying here. For those that don't, just give it some thought, and eventually you will. I can't say anymore here, as this is a very subjective and personal "thing",but I am also aware that..


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