Wednesday, April 10, 2013

There's A Fine Line Between Helping And "Taking Over", Understand It & Stick To It

How many people do you know who go too far in helping others and end up going round in circles because of it?..

It's ok, I've been there myself . And before you cynics start going on about doctors, nurses, pychiatrists et al and moaning about loving your families, helping and nurturing them, I Totally agree that loving your family and friends is a beautiful and rewarding feeling .

However, I will stick my neck out and say that let whoever you are doing something for, also feel that they are capable of doing it for themselves because that's the best kind of help there trully is.

In fact, most great doctors, nurses, advisors, etc know the fine line and do not create a "dependancy" for the person they are helping, otherwise they'd never be free..

Good! I knew you'd understand. Of course my apologies to all those who are masters at this, but some of us (including myself), have overcooked the samaritan card many a time, and the symptoms for the person giving the help are constant irritability, tiredness, anger, etc etc..

What the?...Excuse me while remind the art department not to cross their lines and give me irrelevant pictures..

In the meantime, I hope you're inspired by all of this,and maybe feel compelled to tell your friends about this site? For it's you that this site is for, and in a small way, me too..

I'm not that cute anymore I'm afraid but thanks guys?..The art department's shennanigans lead me onto..


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