Friday, April 26, 2013

Don't Live In The Past..

For surely life is lived in the present? Before the critics get ready to pounce, I must be a little more specific and say the past is good for inspiration but if you're living the same old situation in your head everyday, you're gonna miss out on a lot of what life has to offer you in the present..

I think that's enough for the critics. For the rest of us, all i can say is even I end up reminiscing about the past too much sometimes, and that includes both good and bad experiences. Now unless I'm using this in my work or using it to expand upon something in my life now..

(er yeah, like that!?), then why am I wasting my time? Okay, yes it is understandable and acceptable to grieve and mourn a loss etc, but it isn't healthy in the long term to be continually dwelling upon the past, because it does prevent us from living in the present and also appreciating what the future may bring us by the grace of god.

So, it's cool to dip your toes in to the pool of the past..

(Erm, how is that a "pool"??), but it is the present that we live in right? For example, friends and even partners come and go from our lives for whatever reason, but we can always Find New Friends, and take it from there.

Life itself is designed so that we do make mistakes, but more so that we can learn from them. Which leads me onto..


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