Saturday, April 13, 2013

Love Yourself, Then Love Another..

What exactly does that mean to you?..

( Excuse me, My art department is misfiring?!..). Sometimes without realising (especially on an everyday level), we tend to attract people who are similar in nature or desire to us, and then we wonder how or why we ended up with them in the first place..


What I'm saying is that if we feel good about ourselves, then that positive vibration will be carried out towards the people we meet and greet.

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Ever seen an angry person attract smiles from people? No, I thought not (it doesn't hurt to ask though), so what does that imply? It means that on a simplified level, I'm making sense, right?

In a nutshell, if we don't love ourselves, then how can we expect someone else to love us in return? Think about this, bearing in mind the simple example of an angry person..

Anybody out there think he looks loveable?? No! And I thought as much. So looking at it from a broader persective of relationships, if we walk around feeling deeply sorry for ourselves, angry, hurt etc, then yes we do expect to be rescued , but there's a very big difference between being rescued and falling in love, as all the doctors, nurses and psychiatrists out there know (it's ok , just thank me later guys).

So dear readers, the next time we're wondering why we're in a situation that isn't favourable to us, then perhaps we need to question ourselves about our self - image .

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On the other hand, if we're in a very happy situation, then consciously or subconciously, we must have been in a neutral frame of mind when it all began.

Yes, I can hear all the critical voices at the back saying "hang on mate!, I was so hurt,but then my friend/lover/etc found me and my life hasnt been the same since and we're very happy together now, etc!"..

I know certain people want to prove me wrong, but if the "doubting thomases" cast their minds back to when the friendship/relationship began, it may actually be that they were ready to love themselves again first , and it's this unseen but recognisable quality that was picked up upon..

..So remember how you feel and your motivations when trying to figure things out in such relationships at any level. And when there's hesitation about wether it's time to start a union/relationship etc, or "let go", or perhaps there's a need for more "thinking time" in your situations with others, then also try to..


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