Sunday, April 14, 2013

Smile When You Want A Positive Response..

I see women do this everyday. When women have to deal with an irate husband, postman, bank clerk, checkout assistant, etc etc they give a normal, healthy smile , and guess what?..

(what on earth is that???)

no they don't get fish on bikes, they get a positive response and manage to defuse and disarm the angry party. So, if women are so good at doing this, why don't' we all do it? Simple..pride, vanity, ego etc etc.Especially.. can hear the feminine contingent being very pleased about that decision). Yes chaps, why shoudl all try to smile when we seem not to get heard or want a more favourable response from the other person or people concerned, right?.

Naturally, I can hear the critics cry, "very clever, but ever tried to do that yourself? Especially when there's opposition by three or four people in a meeting etc?". Yes I have, and guess works more often than not!

Okay, we're all mature enough to know that you cannot always have things your way, but then why add more fuel to the fire by creating more tension, simply in mirroring the other person's agression? Life isn't a wrestling or boxing match is it? No, I thought not. Besides, try to think of an occasion when you lost your cool and the other person didn't; who felt more embarassed afterwards? Was it them (I doubt it), ?? There we go then. Besides, I'm not asking people to perpetually grin like idiots..

..but to know that smiling is a very handy "tried and tested" way of defusing and disarming many situations.


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