Thursday, May 16, 2013

An Accident Is A Sign

The dictionary defines an accident as "an unforseen and unplanned event, or circumstance". So, could it be a sign that "maybe I need to slow down"? Maybe it could be a sign (or even signal) that jolts us out of a stale or confused mindset?..

Is this really such an alien concept?..

Thank you for coming back to me, because you do matter . An accident is not necessarily a "collision", but for those of us who are perhaps more "creative", it could also mean that a song, a painting, a drawing, a verse, etc works itself out due to no real intentional activity intiated by us. Does that make sense?..

Thank you yet again. In the same way, we can accidentally bump into certain people at certain times, who may end up shaping or changing our visions, life values etc because of their influence. So, in a nutshell, personal "accidents" are usually signs from god or higher forces, who are trying to tell us something important. .

What on earth is that supposed to signify??(I wanted a common picture of "happy people"). Ok, I get it, the art department is reminding me that it's time to go to the final section, and I'm proud of all of you who have come this far with me.

I hope "the going has been good" and not too "heavy" up till now? You see, I don't like "boring lectures" myself (oh man, the "university years" were a real snoozefest!), hence all the pictures to "spice" things up. Anyway, even if you've just joined in here, I'm still happy. Either way, let's go to fun & fun!..


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