Thursday, May 2, 2013

Don' t Always Stay At Home

I think this may apply to those of you who are perhaps hurting, grieving, or just for whatever reason are a little reluctant to leave the house..

Yes especially you bookish types too.Oh what the heck, this applies to everyone..

Great! Now that everyone's listening, what I'm trying to say is perhaps related to lesson 26 , in that a change will do you good. And for some people, being away from a familiar environment for even a short while will do wonders for them.

Many years ago,I went into temporary "self-imposed" exile, as I was grieving over a relationship, along with the feelings of "how could I get it so wrong" etc. Now it wasn't my friends and family who got me out of my state(although they did help), but my own god given initiative because I got fed up and bored of being this way and becoming something I never was.

Now I certainly wouldn't wish that on anyone, but the point I'm making is that if you stay cooped up in the same environment, then how are you gonna feel any better? Believe it or not, the world is a big place and it starts right out there from your window or doorstep..

That's right! Wahey! And my sincerest apologies to those who are living a transitory existance, such as salespeople, pilots, soldiers, and even musicians, for they hanker for the warmth and stability of one place, as to remain a recognizable constant in their lives..

Thank you for that, now where was I? Oh yes, I was cleaning out my wardrobe the other day and I noticed something..


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