Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Don't Create Limits Out Of Fear Or Laziness

Many a time I have heard people say things like "no I can't do it, because it isn't me" or "no, it would alienate my friends,family, etc"..

Now unless you looked like this..

Then you really are er ok, okay? Yet again, even I am guilty of this. Many years ago, I bailed out of a charity bungee jump becuase I didn't want to be the only one to do it out of all my friends, who had their own excuses for not doing it, so I also bailed out, due to a need to "fit in"..

..I still feel a bit stupid about that, to this day. However, in a more everyday perspective, I again include myself in situations like not wanting to be promoted (I kid you not) because I didn't want to end up being "on my own" and "away from my friends". Now if I can be brave enough to admit to that , then I'm sure there have been many situations where you've also created limits out of fear of something-perhaps loss of friends, etc- or worse, just laziness..

..The classic "I can't be bothered to learn x, y, and z, just so that I can perhaps have a better job/career/life" is something everyone has uttered at some point or the other. However, please consider that if I hadn't bothered to learn to write in a more coherent manner, so you could read the content on my site (so that it would make sense to you and you'd -hopefully- enjoy it, not to mention the other " know- how" required), then this site, and these words would not..


So, take my word for it, although it's good to be aware of your mortality, and respect and love others, it's also a good idea to recognize when to challenge yourself in a constructive human way, as to improve your life and that time usually arrives when boredom starts to creep in to your life..

..(sigh - according to the art dept., he's supposed to be an "agent for change"), yet again I am not saying take drastic measures to do all the potentially negative things ok? Good, we understand each other right?..

..I'm er glad, now it maybe a good idea to read the next lesson..Of course I'm assuming you are ready.


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