Monday, June 17, 2013

The Meaning of Creativity

Creativity comes from the Latin word creâtus,  which means ‘to make’.  Most of the time when we think of inspired individuals we think of artists, writers, musicians, inventors and celebrities.  We tend to look at these people and say they’re creative and we’re not.

But, if we really look at the word, it’s obvious we’re all creators.  We all make things and cause things to happen.  And if you look into quantum physics and the universal laws of attraction, you’ll find we’re causing things to happen absolutely every moment of our lives, with every thought and every feeling.  Much of the time - we’re constructing our by default - going about our days on auto pilot.  But we ARE designing them nonetheless.

Creativity is closely linked to being happy.

When we’re happy - we have lots of energy and we get a lot done.  When we’re not happy, we tend to be couch potatoes or wander around without the motivation to do much of anything.  We procrastinate.  We don’t seem to have the energy, desire or will to even do things that might make us feel more productive and happier


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