Friday, December 20, 2013

Claim your natural state of abundance with guidance from a personal success coach

Important factors to consider in a personal success coach

When choosing a personal success coach to share your struggles and pains, challenges and heartaches, dreams and aspirations, choose wisely.

Your coach knows you are the sum of many separate parts. Your spirit and spiritual side are as important as your mind and body. Your emotional body plays a far more important role that most personal success coaches realize.

The first step towards your own success story begins with clearing the beliefs that keep you stuck. Once you learn the simple EFT technique, and begin clearing limiting beliefs from your subconscious, your personal success coach can then help you to

  •     attract abundance,
  •     set and achieve goals,
  •     access greater creativity,
  •     activate the law of attraction,
  •     balance work and play,
  •     exercise regularly,
  •     deal with and overcome adversity,
  •     minimize expectations of others,
  •     release and clear limiting emotional wounds and
  •     create the life you want.

Your coach helps you to reach the next step in your personal evolvement and personal development growth.

Commitment is needed to transform your life. It's challenging and sometimes you want to quit and give up. It's not easy.

But the rewards are worth the effort. Once you have expanded your limits by clearing the emotional patterns of behavior that have kept you stuck, life is never the same.

So that's why you need a personal success coach who listens to what you say with a

  •     kind,
  •     caring,
  •     compassionate heart

PLUS she has the other necessary skills to guide your quest for success.

Your personal success coach is also creative, has accomplished many of her own personal goals, is happy and content with her life, and has a zest for living that is contagious.

Your personal success coach knows what you need after listening to you and asking questions. Based on her life experiences and experiences working with other clients, she guides your personal success.

Is a personal success coach needed by everyone?
Who Needs a Personal Success Coach?

A personal success coach may be for you if you answer NO more often than YES to the following questions:

  •     Are you able to die this moment content with the life you are living and have lived?
  •     Can you look yourself in the mirror and comfortably say I love you?
  •     Do you feel you are enough now, that you don't need to change to be a totally lovable humanoid?
  •     Is your being side as satisfied as your doing side?
  •     Would you be able to accept gracefully (within a healthy time frame) if all of your possessions suddenly disappeared?
  •     Are you tired of living roles and following role models that no longer serve you?
  •     How frequently do you experience abundant joy?
  •     Can you pass long periods of time alone in peace?

The more Questions you answered with a YES, the higher your present day success.

The more Questions you answered with a NO, the lower your present success.

People with a low ratio of success can definitely benefit from personal success coaching.

Albert Einstein once said you can't solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created the problem.

A personal success coach is used by people wanting to wave goodbye forever to

  •     procrastination,
  •     excuse making, and
  •     victimhood

to get results.

Along the way, what usually happens to people as they clear limiting beliefs is that

  •     self-confidence soars
  •     self-acceptance deepens
  •     negative thoughts are witnessed and dealt with healthily
  •     you have greater access to inner and outer peace and
  •     you live with greater authenticity and humor.

You want a personal success coach whom you can trust.


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