Sunday, December 22, 2013

Divine Happiness: Happiness Comes from Within, Money Can't Buy Me Happiness

 Most people fail to find peace of mind. That's because they don't seek divine happiness, instead they spend their entire lives searching for material well-being. Or, they interpret the phrase: life, liberty and pursuit happiness as meaning just outer things. Instead of realizing that divine happiness is the only lasting happiness, they search for happiness in all the wrong places.

Many die wishing they risked more and had acted upon what they dreamed of doing with their lives. Studies show the majority of people bemoan they didn’t have more love in their day-to-day lives. Had these people invested just a few minutes daily giving thanks for what they had, divine happiness might have been theirs.

Others fail to listen to their body’s cry for help and must endure long, drawn out, debilitating and humbling deaths. Many lives are full of “quiet desperation,” as people are unable to reach their personal potential, never quite achieving the joy of expressing work their heart loves.

They never learned to turn their lives over to a power greater than themselves, which would have led to divine happiness.

Others don’t heed their heart’s craving for creative kindness, where they can serve others and help them to live better lives, thus enriching their own lives far more than money can.

Some people desire to unleash their creativity, yet go to their deathbed with books unwritten, songs unsung, paintings not placed on canvas. They yearned to devote their lives to beautify the world or to earn their livelihoods, as meager or as affluent as it may be, as artists.

As a nation, we in beautiful USA never were taught that divine happiness can occur outside monastery walls. Divine happiness is our natural birthright, not just something we access on holy days.

Remember how you used to feel at Christmas as a little kid? Excitement, joy, happiness, the Christmas inspiration was contagious, the good feelings abundant, and everything was possible. We weren't just wanting gifts and presents: we were connected to divine happiness through celebrating the birth of the inspiring Godman, Jesus.

Divine happiness is still possible. Dreams still do come true if you’re willing to be honest with yourself and commit to your own success. You must start by accepting the reality of your life as it is now, and begin from where you are at present.

Divine happiness does not mean you avoid the world or run away to live in the woods. You can bring divine happiness into your day to day. In fact, as stress builds and fear increases, and you learn that material well-being only brings temporary happiness, you'll be drawn towards divine happiness like a moth drawn to fire.

Yet, you probably have to make some changes. When you admit what you want, when you see what behaviors are blocking your success, and when you invest a few minutes each day in your emotional well-being, you have a great chance for gaining the success you seek.

We get to choose how we interpret what we see. Whether our focus is on happiness or sadness, pain or joy, war or peace, the choice is ours. No one forces or compels us to see life the way we do. We can always access divine happiness by turning our attention towards the God in ourselves or the God in others.

Yet, our core values and beliefs, our stored traumas and buried emotions, lead us by our noses and keep us prisoners of the past. To access and attract the success your heart wants, you need to evict these unwanted tenants from your subconscious.

Although we can't change other people and how they relate to the world, we can transform our personal angles of vision to experience unlimited creativity, better health, more gratitude, abundant self-esteem and self-worth, peace of mind, prosperity, happiness, joy, success, mental and emotional well-being, greater material wealth, and divine happiness.

To live in these higher states of well-being more regularly, we must first clear our limiting beliefs. That's where EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) enters the picture. EFT is a simple, self-help technique like acupressure but without the needles. EFT is one of a growing number of new modalities and perhaps the most effective in the field of energy psychology.

The following summarizes some of the growing statistical evidence for EFT. “More than 29,000 patients treated at 11 allied clinics during a 14-year period were followed for at least one year after the termination of the therapy. In addition to strong, lasting treatment gains, several preliminary sub-studies using randomized, blinded designs allowed comparisons of energy interventions and other treatments. In the largest of these sub-studies, 2,500 patients diagnosed with anxiety disorders and treated with an energy approach and no anti-anxiety medication were compared with a matched sample treated with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and medication as needed. The energy psychology treatments surpassed the CBT/medication protocol in the proportion of patients showing some improvement (90% vs. 63%) and the proportion of patients showing complete remission of symptoms (76% vs. 51%). In a related sub-study by the same team, the length of treatment was significantly shorter with energy therapy than with CBT/medication (mean = 3 sessions vs. mean = 15 sessions). In addition to reporting these early efficacy studies, the paper presents the treatment staffs' speculations about the indications and the contraindications of using an energy approach.”

“Despite its odd-seeming procedures and eye-raising claims, evidence is accumulating that energy-based psychotherapy, which involves stimulating acupuncture points or other energy systems while bringing troubling emotions or situations to mind, is more effective in the treatment of anxiety disorders than the current standard of care, which utilizes a combination of medication and cognitive behavior therapy.” (Joaquin Andrade, M.D. and David Feinstein, Ph.D., Energy Psychology: Theory, Indications, Evidence)

Regardless of how much money dwells in your bank account, you can live with a happy heart. As important as financial wealth is, money by itself doesn't insure happiness or joy. Only by seeking divine happiness will your heart and soul be content.

Remember, you have the power to choose where you focus your thoughts and actions. Once you clear out the subconscious beliefs that keep you stuck and in pain with EFT, you'll be amazed at what lies ahead. EFT makes clearing old beliefs a lot easier than in the past because you don't have to drag up and relive the old traumas and hurts.

The fascinating aspect about increasing divine happiness is that by first feeling joyous, grateful, thankful, loving, kind and other uplifting feelings before you reach the level of divine happiness you desire, you automatically raise your vibration and begin attracting divine happiness to you.

That may sound weird and strange but it works. Thousands of people worldwide have proven it for themselves, and I have as well.


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