Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Emotional Healing

Move Past Trauma and Negativity So You Can Truly Live!

Many of us are in need of emotional healing. We go through life reacting and responding to life's challenges as if we were robots or wounded children.

We wheeny-whine. We complain.

We act as if we're helpless in the face of challenges the Universe tosses at us. Challenges that could help us grow and attract abundance into our lives.

We're denying ourselves the life that we're entitled to!

The Western population has made some progress in emotional healing. Although, many of us have a long way to go before we can consider ourselves healthy.

Partly this is because of a fatal flaw in much of the self-help literature and workshops, which have become so common. Where we're missing the boat is our inability to deal effectively with what is happening on our subconscious levels.

Most of us have no idea why we continue to repeat the same patterns of behavior, whether it's falling in love with partners we need to rescue, or sabotaging our efforts right before we achieve success.

Because we fail to look below the surface at our limiting beliefs and attitudes caused by traumatic events most often in early childhood, we act out like robots in ways detrimental to what our heart yearns for.

It's only when we begin to be exceptionally honest and courageous with how our lives are unfolding and begin to give credence to dealing with our emotional wounds that we have any chance to leave behind forever the patterns keeping us stuck and imprisoned.

How To Achieve Emotional Healing

Those people who have worked at improving their EI (Emotional Intelligence) respond much more healthily and with less trauma in situations than people who haven't developed their EI.

Many health professionals have openly stated that EI is a far more important tool in measuring and assessing life success than IQ.

If you're tired of not living up to your potential or exhausted from being a victim of the same type of circumstances year in and year out, I suggest you consider looking into Emotional Freedom Techniques as a way to jump start your emotional healing.

EFT is a quick, sure fire way of dealing with pains and traumas, emotional wounds and heartaches that we'd just as soon not bother with.

And the beauty is that we don't have to relive the old traumas for emotional healing and release to occur. We need simply tune into the past event, being as specific as possible, and tap on certain acupuncture meridian points while stating some simple phrases to begin the clearing process.

The only thing you have to lose is your old, useless, outdated patterns that keep you from living the life you know is possible. Live like your true self by trying EFT at no cost.


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