Friday, December 27, 2013

Love and gratitude make your heart happy

Stop a moment and think about all the things going right in your life. Tune into your body and how many of your body parts are functioning healthily. Do your eyes work? How about your arms and legs?

You become an instant billionaire when you start placing a monetary value on your body parts. How much would you sell an eye for? Is your heart worth millions or billions?

What about your ability to speak and share joy and abundance, happiness and sorrow, with friends and family?

Can you imagine your life if you spent just a few moments more on a regular basis expressing love and gratitude, along with healing your emotions of the past?

In reality, we always have a lot to be thankful for and expressing love and gratitude regularly insures we stay connected to Source. We feel better almost immediately when we express love and gratitude.

What are some ways can you express love and gratitude?

Anthony Robbins the great motivational speaker suggested on one of his programs to do a Gratitude Walk daily. He said we should shout out what we're grateful for as we walk, thus it sinks more into the body and mind at the same time.

Carol Look says a similar thing as she also suggests a Gratitude Walk in her Attracting Abundance e-Book.

Carol actually takes it farther by using EFT and suggesting tapping points to help clear the emotional wounds that keep us from experiencing greater abundance. She is a prime believer in the power of love and gratitude.

I do a Gratitude Swim at least three times a week in my local health club pool. I start off by thanking the water for being warm, then I thank the electric company for providing the electricity to heat the pool, I thank the owner for offering me the chance to swim, and the list goes on and on.

I feel good as I'm swimming and expressing love and gratitude.

How often do we thank our body and simply show it love and gratitude by the way we treat it?

Do we eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, breathe deeply, drink plent of good water, get massages and other uplifting things that show our bodies we love and respect them?

When is the last time you thanked your gall bladder or liver, your heart or lungs, for doing an outstanding job under strenuous conditions?

We can almost always find something to express love and gratitude for. Victor Frankl in Man's Search for Meaning showed us that no one can take away our self-love and respect unless we choose to let them. He was a prisoner in a German concentration camp and survived because he held onto his dignity and self-respect.

In other words, he showed love and gratitude to himself for who he was.


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