Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thought Stopping for a better you!

What is Thought Stopping?

A process that stops negative thoughts from taking hold in your mind. A way to replace negative thinking, with positive thinking, as soon as you notice a bad thought or idea.

A stress relief method for anxiety, depression, fear or phobias.

How Thought Stopping works

We hear ourselves thinking all the time! By paying attention to our thoughts we can gain more thought control. Here is how to do it:

1) Notice your negative thought.

2) Give yourself the audible command-STOP! (as I said we hear our thoughts so you can just think this to yourself if need be.)

3) Wash, rinse and repeat as necessary!

Your mind will argue with you about why you should feel this way.So you must rationalize a more positive thought to yourself.

Is this Method Effective?

Absolutely! From my own experience, I have noticed a marked improvement in my attitudes about many things.

You are distracting your mind from the "snowball" effect by redirection. Just as you would do to keep a child out of trouble. Give your mind something better to do!

Remember to keep it real! Lying to ourselves never works! We immediately know it for what it is, so don't waste your time with that method. Instead think of situations that you have proof of, to convince yourself with. Each time you get an "argument" repeat "STOP" to yourself and explain why this thought, or fear, is unfounded.

A Better You

With consistent practice, you will begin to notice the negative thoughts and fears you once had melting away like ice on a hot day! As with any thing the more you do it the better you become.

This is my personal favorite method of thought control because it is nontechnical, and unlike E.F.T or Emotional Freedom Techniques,(Tapping on Chakra points on the body) nobody knows your doing it but you.This makes it useful anytime or anywhere!