Monday, December 2, 2013

Tips for positive thinking and abundance from an average guy

Can an Average guy like me, who is an over the road truck driver, give you tips on positive thinking, abundance,Law of Attraction so that you have more abundance in your life?? Do you think it takes an "Expert" to show you this? Who says I am not an expert? Why would you think that YOU are not? Most of us do not give ourselves credit for the knowledge and wisdom we all hold inside. My purpose here is to prove to you that anyone can create the life they want. It's just a matter of how bad do you want it and what are you willing to do to get it? The first thing we have to do, is recognize that our own wisdom is a valuable resource that people will pay us for!

For me, driving a truck 11 days in a row is not my ideal life. While I get to travel the country, and meet interesting people and see interesting things. I miss out on the people and things that mean the most to me! My family, friends, and my home. I kept thinking there must be a way to make a good honest living from a great idea. So I spent my days in the truck daydreaming, trying to find that one idea. Searching the internet for affiliate programs or ways to make money online. I was positive there was a way. I was bound and determined to find it! Then I came across a website that taught me about the law of attraction, positive thinking and abundance. I thought to myself "maybe this is the answer!?" So I learned all I could about it. I signed up for the newsletters and bought a few of the programs offered. It was money well spent! This website is a direct result of that learning.

SO WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO YOU? Well your reading this page right? A page written by some truck driver that decided he had something to share, and took ACTION! So... If you are looking for more abundance in your life, what wisdom or passion do you have? If your first answer to that question was "none that anyone would pay for." Then stay tuned friend. I will show you how wrong you are! Because if *I* can do it; So can you! You just have to have some Positive Thinking!

To stay in a "positive thinking mode" for most of us, is no easy task! Life happens! *and so does that other stuff ;-) * But I've learned that staying frustrated and angry, only makes me... frustrated and angry. Sometimes that is appropriate, for a while. The trick is to enjoy that feeling. Even though it is negative at the time. Seems contradictory doesn't it? Well... it is, sort of. They say "Life is short", so we should enjoy every thought, feeling, and experience that comes our way. Be it good or bad from our unique perspective.

A perspective that we can control. We can control our thoughts. And yes, we can also control our emotions. It's all on how we choose to think about it. If we choose to think that "Life Sucks" we can be sure it will! If we hold that attitude for an extended period, we will find ways to attract things that "suck" into our life subconsciously. But if we use positive thinking, we can attract abundance of all kinds. Money, Love, and whatever you can think of. IT IS A CHOICE!

So I'm deciding to choose better, and inviting you, through this website, to do the same. I'm Inviting you to join me on a journey to learn how positive thinking can, and will, bring more abundance in whatever you choose to focus on. So let's have fun! And focus on the good stuff!