Thursday, January 16, 2014

Journey to Happiness

Welcome to the exciting Journey to Happiness...

Enjoy your journey because you are going to be on the journey longer than your destination.

Here are a few tips that will help you in your journey to Happiness, here we go toward discovering your happiness...

Never complain about what you permit.

Whatever you allow don’t complain about. Either take care of the situation, person or accept it/them. The more you complain about it the bigger it gets. I heard a person say one time; you can either cut a dog’s tail off an inch at a time or CUT the dog’s tail off! So is true with our situations, take care of it or accept it. Those are your two choices.

Let us focus on the Journey to Happiness!

Learn how to let things go that you have no control over. If you cannot change it, let it go. When you have, done all you know to do…turn your focus onto things you can control, which is yourself.

Appreciate the differences in others, and don't frustrate yourself by expecting everyone to be the way you think they should be.

Encourage others that cross your path to begin their journey to happiness....

In your journey to happiness perhaps you will find that you were created with unique talents and gifts. You were designed with a special and unique purpose in mind. You are the only one that can fulfill that purpose. Only YOU have them. No one does things quite the way you do. You were tailor made…. You are a unique and special individual that MUST believe in yourself.

No matter what you have been told in life that is negative, you can overcome and succeed in life!

You may have been through bad experiences but that is not who YOU are.

Do not allow others to dictate to you who YOU are. Love and believe in yourself.

If you are not confident, who you are then others will dictate to you who they want you to be. When we are unsure of ourselves, we become an easy prey. However, when I know who I am and what my goals are then others cannot push me around.

Do not forget to laugh and have fun. This is very important; do not stay so serious all the time that you forget to have fun. Watch comedies, read things that make you laugh; laughter is good medicine. Learn to laugh at yourself. Do not be so serious all the time. Lighten up and have a good time. In discovering your journey to happiness, you should think in terms of making it fun, and get excited!

Make sure that you take time to rest. Rest is an accomplishment. Without it, we get moody and run off two cylinders instead of four that does not give us full performance. If you have ever driven a car that has not had all of the cylinders working properly at full performance you know what I’m talking about. It spits and sputters, and is sluggish. Leaving you with feelings of frustration, so don’t let that happen to you. Always be a top performer!

In addition, on your pursuit, there will be people placed in your path that will help you with your goals and dreams. This journey is so exciting! Everyday your expectation should be moving toward your dream.

You are going to be on the journey longer than at the destination… get comfortable and enjoy the ride!
Being Right is Not Always as Important as Being Happy!

Being right is not as important as being happy!
What is it you both want? “What will that give you that you wouldn’t otherwise have? Happiness perhaps! Start evaluating the things you do in your relationship that work and help you to get what you both want. Remember that tolerance, compassion and understanding are emotions that take the steam out of hostile situations and enhance personal relationships.
The real YOU is NOT in the things you've done to survive!

Learn WHO you are and what makes you unique.

Find your inner strengths.

Are you a compassionate person waiting to leap out and trust again?

Are you looking for someone to love and find love in return? Do not be afraid, perhaps you should dare to discover or re-discover your happiness.

What did you learn from your experiences? Did you learn mercy, forgiveness, endurance, and/or strength?

Everyone desires a purpose. We all strive to find what we were created for. As human beings, we long for purpose. You just want to belong. Everyone does. This is part of our journey to happiness.

Define in your own terms what it would take to feel a sense of happiness, success, and inner peace. Perhaps this could be a great start to discovering happiness and begin an exciting journey toward your journey to happiness.

You must believe in something bigger than you are. Whatever that means to you...but you must have FAITH in something bigger than yourself. To some it is Jesus. You must have FAITH in something bigger than you! This is imperative in your journey to happiness.

When you find your purpose, it motivates you. It creates in you a positive energy and drive. Sure, you will have days that are not worth writing home about but you can remain focused on your Purpose which leads you into your journey to happiness.

Focus on what truly motivates you. Find the ONE thing that you enjoy, and love to do. Too many things will crowd your thinking, break your focus and carry you in too many directions. If you want to break someone's focus, give them another dream.

That means when you have found your purpose, don't get distracted. Stay focused and on task. It is better to be excellent at one thing than to be "okay" at many...

Master your purpose, read about it, study and show yourself approved...because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! NO ONE can take away your knowledge.

Celebrate ALL of your small accomplishments.

Keep a journal; you will be amazed at your accomplishments from the beginning of your journey for discovering happiness, until you have discovered what really makes you the happiest and therefore, your purpose.

Whenever you understand your purpose you fill needed, wanted and loved. You must always reach outside of yourself by helping others. Share a smile, open a door, or say a kind word. This will begin your path to discovering true happiness.

The only reason people don’t follow their dreams and meet their goals, broken focus.

Do not throw your pearls before the swine, which means you cannot share your dreams with everyone. Not everyone will be happy for you and that is okay. Not everyone has your passion and desire. Keep it in your heart unless the person shares your accomplishments. That is why you have to believe in yourself.

Some people may give you reasons why you cannot succeed….don’t listen to them. If you believe that you can -- you will!

A determined, focused and purposed mind is impossible to stop!!

Don’t try to change other people. The only person we can change is ourselves. This is very frustrating because you look for others to give you what you need. You need to provide for yourself what you’re looking for.

Let me explain

For so long I wanted others to accept me and do things “my way."

I had to learn to give to myself what I was seeking FIRST.

You have to accept others where they are in life and give yourself what YOU need. Then the frustration dies because we CAN control self, not others.

It is not easy sometimes, okay most of the time when you first get started in your journey of change, but it is possible.

You have to make tough decisions and walk away from bad influences to discover happiness.

Bottom line, how bad do you want it...?


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