Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nurturing Mother

Qualities of a Nurturing Mother

As a mother, we all want to be nurturing to our children. Too many times, we struggle with motherhood.

I do not know any mother who does not want to be loving and nurturing but how do you accomplish that difficult task? Well I am going to share with you what I believe to be are the qualities of a nurturing mother.

She encourages her children to pursue their dreams… An encouraging mother invests time helping her children discover and discern their purpose. She listens, and gathers information relevant to that dream.

She teaches her children nothing is as bad as it first appears. Softly teaches her children not to fear but have faith in themselves and know that with her support everything will be okay. She comforts them.

She knows her children will become something greater. An acorn becomes an oak tree. Babies become Leaders! A mother that lets her children know that she believes in them ALWAYS. She does not focus on their flaws because she sees who they are capable of becoming and helps shape them into that person, a confident individual.

She celebrates every tiny success of her child. Love is excited when another excels! Others will envy. But not her, she celebrates and encourages. She creates a climate of enthusiasm and excitement around every step of progress. She realizes this produces confidence and builds self worth.

She knows when to speak and when to remain silent. Words Matter. Silence matters, too! She carefully chooses uplifting words and remains silent, listening, when her children long to be heard. She doesn’t interrupt with words of judgment and criticism. The nurturing mother knows her children are often just seeking a listening ear.

She hears a matter out before judging. She knows that information is sometimes distorted. Details are limited. Accurate conclusions are not possible when something is unknown. She always believes the best—but will not be too harsh when mistakes are made. She realizes that mistakes are inevitable in life. Assures them that mistakes are part of growing up. She teaches her children mistakes are lessons to be learned from.

This loving mother knows her children well… She realizes that each child is different. They respond differently. Learn differently. Each has fears unspoken and unknown. Each one is birthing dreams that others cannot understand. But she knows and gently teaches each child to understand. She knows that what causes one to cry causes another to become angry. She is careful to deal with her children individually, not comparing them to the other. Instead pointing out their wonderful differences and nurturing each one.

She is a refuge. Life is stormy but she creates a safe haven. Making it safe to tell her about the winds of rivalry and blasts of jealousy endured in a day. The broken become healed in her presence. For this mother, it’s with her there is no fear to disclose inner truth; mistakes made or depths of dreams and desires. Nothing seems silly in her presence. Every dream and desire seems obtainable. Safety and comfort are in the presence of this nurturing mother.

Affection of this mother is always comforting. It is impossible to receive too much warmth, caring, and affection. Affection heals. Love restores. Kindness strengthens. She reaches, comforts, loves and holds her children close to her. Hugging and caressing her children is normal and necessary for children to become whole.

She warns and corrects her children with love. Children are easily influenced. It is necessary to provide instruction, direction and correction. The way it is administered makes all the difference. She has an understanding and is careful not to make her children feel like a bad person. This nurturing mother disapproves of the action but LOVES the child.

She teaches her children how to appropriately harness their anger. Sadly, she understands that prisons are filled with children who couldn’t control their anger. This nurturing mother teaches her children how to channel rage into a project, a career, and become a solution. Anger is an energy that needs an appropriate focus.

This nurturing mother realizes that disappointments will come. Things don’t always turn out the way we want them to so she teaches her children to accept that and dream again. Realizing that Dreaming again is important she instills this in her children.

She requires her children to accept responsibility for the problems they create. Blaming others multiple problems. The nurturing mother doesn’t create an environment of blame. Things happen…so she teaches her children to accept that fact. If not, she knows that it breeds people who don’t take responsibility for their actions. She teaches her children to become responsible for their own actions… She does not allow her children not to blame other people for their mistakes or actions.

She explains influence to her children. Always monitors her children’s friends, television programs, music, and clothes. She explains to her children the need to have good influence but in the end, she has the last and final word. She is always in authority as the mother and does not place herself in a position as a friend who “hangs out”.

The nurturing mother is not afraid to reach out for help. Nobody succeeds alone. Reaching is not a sign of weakness. It is the proof of humility. There are times when we have to seek outside help for our children. Love your children enough and reach…


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