Thursday, January 9, 2014

Successful Attitude!

Creating a Successful Attitude

Did you know that your Attitude would determine your Success? That’s right; you can attain a Successful Attitude.

I’ll explain…

Everyone discusses Attitude. “Your Attitude will determine your Altitude”. This statement is so true because our attitude is a result of our focus.

Most people with wrong attitudes don’t even realize they have them. They use angry words, sarcasm or cynicism to create a desired response from others. They use their Attitude to rule and reign over those under their authority.

Children learn to use wrong Attitudes as weapons quite early in their life. Stomping their feet and screaming, a two year old can make a mother or father drop everything she or he is doing to respond and console an angry little boy or girl. The game works. Eventually in their lives, they begin to develop the opinion that their Attitude of anger can produce a desired result.

As parents, we must teach our children how to have a successful Attitude!

Behavior permitted Becomes Behavior Repeated…So, each of us often develop our Attitudes from childhood, right or wrong.

Your Attitude is the Behavior and Mood created by something you have chosen to focus upon. It is a viewpoint, a state of mind toward something.

Your Attitude is more powerful than your gifts and talents…Attitude is the powerful force that attracts others toward you or moves them away from you. Many gifted and talented people never experience the rewards of their skills because their Attitude makes them undesirable to be around.

Your Attitude is the force that determines whether you multiply or decrease, grow or die, attract or repel the company of other successful people.

You are responsible for changing your own Attitude! No one can change your Attitude, only you can do that for yourself.

When you change your Attitude, you will change the world around you. You can create a successful Attitude…

Any wrong Attitude is communicated through your posture, and by the way you walk. Have you ever been to the mall? Sure, you have! You can sense people’s attitudes by the way they walk; whether they are brisk, alive and vibrant or whether they are demoralized, discouraged and disappointed with life. The mood was created by something they have chosen to think about, meditate on and build their life around. Their attitude is evidenced by their body posture.

What you magnify in your mind is controlling your Attitude. If you meditate upon your own mistakes, you will be discouraged and self-critical. Eventually, that turns to an abnormal criticism of others as well. When a spouse focuses on the mistakes of their mate, their Attitude will become sarcastic and cynical. The same is true for all relationships in our lives.

Your Attitude is Attracting or Repelling the Right People into your Life.

A great example is from the book of Ruth, she was a servant. Her humble Attitude got the attention of Boaz. He instructed his servants to make it easier for her life. See, when you observe thankful and gracious people, something within you wants to be in their presence. Therefore, your attitude is determining what is coming toward you and what moves away from you. She demonstrated a successful Attitude and it caused her to be blessed!

Any wrong Attitude is a magnet for others of Like Rebellion and Anger.Watch a group of young people, a gang, for example. Typically, each gang member is angry at the same thing--authority. They are drawn to each other like moths to the light. Any wrong Attitude is a current attracting to the wrong people in your life. This compounds the consequences of your rebellion.

Your Attitude is affecting every relationship in your life. It determines whether good relationships grow or wither, shrivel and die like a flower in the desert heat. This is why it is so important to have a focus for having a Successful Attitude!

Your Attitude is Determining whether your Boss wants to give you a raise or terminate you. You are either making his or her goals happen or moving them away from his or her goals through your Attitude. You can be the most qualified in your position. However, your Attitude is the determining factor of your success! Your attitude is creating problems within the department or you are a joy and an asset. Anyone can learn skills but not everyone will develop a Successful Attitude. This is what sets you apart from the rest.

Your Attitude is determining whether your mate is anxious to come home from work or work overtime. What pictures are you planting in the mind of your mate? Or what are you, mate, focusing on? Everything is about perspective...

Your attitude toward your own life is deciding your own success or failure. If you choose to focus on your weaknesses only, you will develop a negative and self-critical spirit. It will devastate your life.

Recognize when other people are depositing a wrong Attitude into your own spirit.You are the only gate-keeper to your spirit. Visualize that you are the doorman. You can let them in or keep them OUT! You choose. Whatever your choice is the effect will be in your Attitude.

When you focus on worthy qualities in others, they will respond by looking for those qualities in YOU! You are often a mirror that affects how others react to you. So show off your new and improved Successful Attitude...

You must recognize people near you who have a wrong focus. You must guard the words they are speaking into your life. The words they are speaking are creating what you are feeling. This is the reason we must be careful of the company we keep.

Eliminate Unrealistic Goal-Setting that is birthing a bad Attitude in You. When you set unrealistic goals, it is frustrating.

I am the type of person always looking for a challenge. That has resulted in putting too much on my plate, and striving to accomplish what I set out to do. However, setting unrealistic goals for myself by having more than one project that requires a lot of time and planning has made me feel like a failure. Therefore, I adopted a wrong Attitude that I was not worthy, or smart enough, etc. In fact, none of that was true; it was setting unrealistic goals for me. Now that I understand, it is easier for me to be realistic and eliminate those negative feelings.

Wrong Attitude creates a loss of friends, job opportunities and incredible moments of Enthusiasm.

If we refuse to correct our wrong Attitude, you end up losing quality of life. You will never discover what you could have had, the people who would have added to your life, opportunities that would bless you and in return, you could be a blessing to others...

Everybody wants to be needed, the peace of being happy, truly happy within, all of this is the benefits from a good Attitude...

Be determined TODAY to CREATE a SUCCESSFUL ATTITUDE within yourself and watch your life change forever…

You need to remain thankful in your Attitude. Look around you and see what you are thankful to have in your life. Most of the time we focus on the need for more money but there is so much that money cannot buy; health and true happiness. For the millionaire with a terminal illness, he would trade all of his wealth for your health. Be thankful for all of the little things in life.

Think about what really matters in life. The fact that you can read this is something you should be grateful for, many people don’t have computers, cannot read, and some don’t have their freedom…


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