Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's Ok To Lie, But Be Ready To Create Another 100 Lies To Conceal The Original..

Sadly, we all lie, and it's as common as taking a bath. However, ladies and Gentlemen, if you know one person in your lifetime who has never told a lie then I'll show you a drum that plays itself..

Oops! I asked for that one I guess, probably because i forgot to include "white lies" in the mix. What's a white lie? Well, they're supposed to be lies told to prevent us from hurting other people such as friends, relatives etc., and their feelings. They're quite sparsely used, and in fact, they're about as common as seeing a drum beat itself!..

Wahey! You're happy cause you understand, right? Ok, the above concept came into my life via an old but wise relative, but it still stands today. Just think about someone you know and perhaps even love, who is a compulsive liar, or perhaps likes "to bend the truth" a little too often..

Oh man, if they look like that as well, then they've also got other issues to deal with. However, if you still keep this "liar" in your mindset, you may also notice that not only do they eventually get caught but they also have to deal with "egg on their face" embarrassment when sussed out .

"Aaah! So that's what the fried egg pic was all about" I can hear you say. Yup, and furthermore, even when we lie (unless it's a white lie, which is harmless and bears no malice to anyone) , then there comes a point where our "yarn spinning" needs more lies to cover it up..

Ok, you're happy with that because you're an intelligent person , which means you know the difference between types of lying. You also that we always get caught when the lying or "yarn spinning" starts to get out of control, because by this stage it means our motives our definitely questionable . You understand all of that, right?..

(Oh man! Why is my art department so inconsistent?!)

Ladies and gentlemen, you know that lying constantly about too much on a long term basis, is bad for you, right?..

Yeehaa! Im glad you're with me! Besides, why resort to lies, when perhaps it's sometimes easier to just..


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