Saturday, November 30, 2013

You simply cannot Afford to break the Law Of Abundance

While you won't go to jail for breaking the Law of Abundance, you may end up in a "prison" of your own making! I want to be sure this doesn't happen to either of us!

Let's take a look at what we "should be doing" and see if we are ,in fact, breaking the this law, and how we all could do better by being obedient to it. But first, we have to ask ourselves a few questions:  

What is the Law of Abundance? Good Question! I scoured the internet looking for a good answer to this. I was surprised that I really could not find any definitive answer!

Everything I could find was just someone's interpretation of what they think it is. So..I will do my best to define it, from my own understanding, in a way that I think best answers the question.  

Law of Abundance defined:

Abundance is from GOD (or higher source of your choosing), WE are from God, we are God's abundance, therefor we need to share what belongs to God, which is everything! Abundance perpetuates itself; as does scarcity according to our "works". These are my own words! But I believe that they define the Law of Abundance quite well.

If we think about the "golden rule" as well as the teachings of all great spiritual teachers, We find that this permeates almost all spiritual teachings.We (us humans) are instructed to Share, give, love and be loved. It is when we fail, or fall short of, doing these things that we find suffering and discomfort in our life.

How to make The Law Of Abundance Work for YOU!  

Step 1. Find your Passion! What is it that makes your heart sing? Every one has something they love to do, see, have, or talk about. It doesn't have to be profound or some deep, meaningful, soul searching, process to find this in ourselves. Just pay attention to the things you really enjoy. It could be anything from A to Z.  

Step 2. Share that passion with others! This is the whole purpose of this website! This is "MY" passion! :-) Helping people live a better life! So if I can make a website to share my passion with you, my question is what will you do to share your passion, so that others may gain knowledge from you?

I'm not saying you need to go make a website! (Unless that would interest you. If so click on the "powered by site build it" banner at the bottom of this page.) I am saying that we all should share the interests, talents and Knowledge that has been given us; in a way that best suits our talents.

We also have to do it in a way that is best for all concerned. In other words, don't just do it for the money! That is breaking the Law of abundance; and places us back in our "prison". It is important then to share as GOD shares with us.

 Step 3. Have the right intention!

This is one of the most important if not the hardest part. Checking our intentions to make sure we are not being self serving. We might get away with doing that for a while but sooner or later it will catch up to us and we get busted for it.

The RIGHT intention is to have our endeavors serve the highest good of all involved. In other words always make things a in situation where everybody wins. It's better to at least try to do this and fail; than to just have your own interest at heart!  

Step 4. Be detached from ownership.

 Uh OH! This is a big one! Can you detach yourself from the ownership of your house, car, or that big Harley out in the garage? (I can't either so let's move on!...Just kidding!) This has to be the hardest thing for many of us to overcome!

However, until we are able to be detached from ownership of things, we block ourselves from true abundance. (I'm including myself when I say "we") Nothing is ever truly "OURS". Not even our thoughts, whether we're using positive thinking or not, they still come from a higher source.  

Step. 5 Giving and sharing

Gaining mastery over step 4 makes this step much easier! If we can feel like we don't own anything, how much easier is to give stuff away? I have to admit that I'm hung up on step 4 yet. However; when I have let go of ownership, or watched others do this. It was easier to give and share, with more joy and in greater amounts! Then the next step can happen.  

Step 6. Accepting.

This is the part we all want! To just accept the abundance. This is harder for some people than for others. There are some that don't believe they deserve to have nicer things. They may have all the other steps down pat but they just can't accept what things come their way. We'll get into all that in more detail elsewhere in this website. Suffice it to say that unless we accept what others offer to us we are blocking the flow of abundance. The better we get at step 5. Giving and sharing: the more we get in return.

If all these steps are in place, we have lived life in accordance to the Law of Abundance. We have mastered the art of Abundant living. I don't know about you: but I know I still have some work to do! ;-)