Sunday, January 12, 2014

Accept Yourself!

Accept Yourself...

You have gifts and Talents; everyone has special qualities. Your unique gifts and talents make you unique. Your significance is NOT in your similarity to others, but in your points of difference. It’s important that you recognize those differences.

So many times we try to conform to the majority, but I would like to encourage and challenge you to allow yourself to be unique as an individual. There is not another person like “you”. No one can do things quite the way you can. You were created for a special purpose, so discover it! Don't fight against it.

Find purpose for your life; Dare to be different.

I used to want to be different from who I was created to be; all I experienced was frustration! I felt inferior to others because I thought, "If only I could be like that person." "Why can't I do that or not do this?"

Whenever you try changing a part of you that isn’t supposed to change, you become frustrated!

Every gift we have goes along with our purpose, so embrace it. I’m continually working toward perfecting the gifts and talents that I was given. We must accept them and embrace them!
Confidence Builder! It isn’t something that you either have or do not have. And it’s unlikely that you lack it in every area of your life.

So how would it be if you were able to identify those areas where you did feel confident about yourself and “borrow” some of it to enhance other areas where you felt less so? Another thing about self confidence is that it changes constantly. One day we can feel completely at ease in a group of strangers, yet on another occasion we are overcome by shyness.
You must accept yourself the way you are.

Everyone was created differently and we have to accept our differences. We shouldn't try to be replicas of other people.

My accent may tell you the way I write. I have a country twang. Whenever I re-read some of the pages, I can see that I’ve put “done” where “did” should have been. But that is the way I speak and that is who I am, not grammatically correct but it is “me” my uniqueness. Thank goodness my major wasn’t in English! But, because it was in Counseling, I succeeded!

Look for opportunities to demonstrate your gifts and talents and find your purpose. Everyone was created to solve a problem. Think about that. Every assignment solves a problem. Teachers teach to solve an education problem, attorneys solve legal problems, counselors solve emotional problems, and preachers solve spiritual problems……...

Find a problem and solve it. Once you start, accept yourself and use your abilities/skills; they will increase.

Don’t get obsessed with your flaws that hinder and blind you from your gifts. Stop focusing on your prior poor behavior!

Learn to channel your voice and be heard! Maybe you might find that you love to teach. Maybe you might become a counselor like me. When you focus on your strengths there are so many opportunities that will become open to you.

What you would LOVE to do most everyday of your life is a clue to your gifts and abilities. Then accept yourself just the way you were created to be.

There is not another like you!

Celebrate your difference!!

It is good to learn from others, implement their knowledge and skills, but dare to be different. Stand up tall and become all you were created to be. Listen to happy voices for encouragement and unhappy voices for ideas. Solve someone else's problem with your abilities and fulfill your purpose!

Accept yourself because there is only one you...

Remember, be where you are Celebrated and not where you're just Tolerated!


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