Monday, January 13, 2014

Looking For The Perfect Mate

Looking for the perfect mate?

I am going to paraphrase a story from the Bible. The one that I want to share is about looking for the perfect mate…

This is about Abraham sending his servant to find Isaac, his son, a wife. His journey was to find the perfect mate for Isaac. The servant was asked to go back to Abraham’s hometown. Before the journey, Abraham made sure that he prepared very expensive “welcome to the family” gifts for his future Daughter - In - Law and her Family including gold rings, bracelets, and livestock.

Did you notice that it was not only for the future bride-to-be but also for her family?

When the servant and his camels arrived at the “water-well”, he noticed many women. This was the time when women came to the well to get water. Here he would be searching for the perfect mate for Isaac.

How did the servant know that Rebekah would be the “right one” for Isaac?

He knew because she was the only one who offered to fill his need. Immediately after she gave him water, she offered to water the camels without being asked. This task was not an easy one. It required a lot of work to water the camels. Being hospitable and generous was the person Rebekah was. Immediately upon seeing the servant she offered a helping hand, putting someone else before herself.

She had no idea what was in it for her. She did not know the servant was looking for the perfect mate for Isaac. God did, it was her turn to be blessed!

The servant knew that she was a woman of integrity, good character, genuine - the type of person that would be a blessing to Isaac and his entire family. See, she was a genuine giver, not a taker.

He was proud to be able to present her to Abraham as Isaac’s future bride. He knew the qualities that she held. He had seen her true character. She had no idea what was in store for her, but she offered to help, wanting nothing in return. She was not fake in her actions. The servant was looking for the perfect mate but she had no idea. She was genuine…

Many times people come into our lives and then very subtly, isolation begins. The person may find fault with family and friends.

First, they make suggestions, as though something is not right with the relationship . The influence they have begins to flourish and you see your friends and family less often.Whenever there is a family event, or you have plans with your friends they plan something else, and you feel obligated to be with them. After all, they went through all the trouble to make the plans just to be with you...

God is a multiplier; HE brings Increase...ALWAYS! I want you to think about whom you choose to be with before making a commitment. God does not send division. Therefore, whenever someone comes into your life that you believe God sent----he or she will not only be a gift to you BUT also to your FAMILY!

The person God sends you will CELEBRATE and REACH for you…. He or she takes pleasure making you happy. He or she does not walk in front of you or behind you but beside you…!

He or she cannot wait to be in your presence. Everything flows and you enjoy one another's company. You balance one another...

Sure, you will have differences but you won't tear one another down.

Looking for the perfect mate does not have to be difficult. Be yourself and continue to fulfill your dreams. Along the way, you will find your soul mate.

You should never allow another person to put you down or call you names. If you trust them enough to share things that have happened in your past and then in an argument they throw it up in your face…RUN!

Love does not find pleasure in another person’s pain.

It takes three (3) months for true character to surface. True colors will begin to surface sometimes sooner but no longer than three months. You wonder why your chosen one used to certain things and no longer does them . Well, depending on the amount of time you have been together, maybe their true colors are beginning to surface.

Be cautious while looking for the perfect mate. History typically repeats itself. Be cautious of the past.You cannot draw conclusions as long as there is missing information.For example, there are ALWAYS two sides to a story. When you believe the first person that comes to you and you begin to judge the situation without hearing “the rest of the story”, you open yourself up to half of the truth.

Things are never as they first appear so reserve judgment. Never attempt to explain…..or penalize someone for actions you do not fully understand.

Beware of the unhappy person

Remember while looking for the perfect mate to be cautious of the unhappy person. The person who is always complaining but does not seem to be interested in doing things that will improve his situation. According to them, they have tried everything and nothing has worked for them. If you try to help them and make suggestions, they always have an excuse and/or reason why it will not work for them. Everyone is against him or her and they are the underdog in every situation and circumstance. Be careful not to get yourself involved with trying to “fix” the victim mentality.

People who want help are different. They are grateful for suggestions and are willing to try anything once. They typically are not complainers.

Never Settle for Second Best…

Now, Ladies, go and find your Isaac…

Men, Look for your Rebekah…

Happy Searching while looking for your perfect mate…


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