Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Achieving True Happiness

Achieving True Happiness...

You will only be remembered for one of two things in life; problems you create or the ones you solve. Think about your life experiences thus far...

Right now you just want to know that “you matter” and “you are understood”.

Isn't that what we are really seeking for is to be “understood and to know we matter”. Of course it is, we all want to belong and begin our journey achieving true happiness!

Unfortunately, whenever we are not understood nor feel that we matter it creates many negative emotions within us.

Achieving true happiness in life is possible!

You may not feel that now but by the time you read this page in its entirety, my hope is that you will have discovered some ways to begin your journey in achieving true happiness for the rest of your life!

  • Do you spend your time creating problems or solving them?
  • What do you think that others will say about you once you are gone?
  • Will they say you helped solve problems or you were a part of the problem?

Maybe you have never looked at life quite this way before but I think that we need to in order to begin achieving true happiness now.

For years, I created problems for others, including myself. Sad to say, I created problems but it was not an intentional thing. I did not say, “Let me see who I can create problems for” and then find a target. Actually, I was a troubled person. It came through the hurt, pain, and abuse of my past. The sad thing, I was looking to achieve true happiness in my life. But I was always hurting others. How could that be? All I wanted in life was to be happy and begin achieving true happiness...

The good news is that through those experiences it taught me how to be a problem solver! You too can learn how to be a problem solver if you are not already one...

Whenever I started reaching outside of myself to help others...that is when I begin to achieve true happiness. Sure I still have my problems, like anyone else, but I'm not nearly the "mess" I was before beginning this new found journey.

Everyone has a story to tell. We all have life experiences that we have been through that may not be so pleasant. However, the key is how we come through them. My experiences have taught me how to forgive and relate to other people’s problems. Without the life experiences I would have never learned how to be the problem solver that I have now become.

This is an exciting journey...achieving true happiness!

Unfortunately, whenever we are going through the crisis we do not see anything good that could possibly come out of the turmoil we feel. All you know is that you are in pain and want to achieve true happiness. How frustrating...

However, you have a choice. You can allow life experiences to make you bitter or better!

At one point in my life, I was very bitter. Blaming others for my issues, and I was submerged in unforgiveness. Seldom taking responsibility for my actions and spending a lot of time blaming others instead of being proactive in my own life to turn things around and make it work out for my good. I found myself becoming very critical and judgmental of others. Always finding fault in others. I felt it was impossible for me to achieve true happiness.

What I have learned through all of this is that people who are always finding fault and being negative are insecure.

Secure and confident individuals are positive looking for the good in others, they solve problems.

Positive People.

Positive people are the ones getting involved with the solution of situations and not sweating the “small things” in life. They don’t nit pick about everything, complaining and making those around them uncomfortable, yet no one has the heart to tell them.

Have you ever met anyone like this? They do not get involved in other people’s gossip and will not associate themselves with those people. That is not to say you are rude but you do not spend a lot of time around them.

Positive people normally do not take other people’s business to everyone else. If it is not praise worthy, they are not speaking about it. When you find people like this to associate with and become friends with -you- have found “treasure” because they are precious as gold. Together you will achieve true happiness. Quality of Life will come from surrounding yourself by such people.

We all need to try to become a “full time” positive person – not just when people are looking and paying attention. You can tell through a person’s conversation whether they are positive or negative; if they’re critical, always finding something wrong with others or do they look for the good.

People who are critical tend to hide their criticism through humor and say “I’m just kidding” but “out of the heart the mouth speaketh”. People will say what they mean and try to cover it up.

That is the reason we need to work on our hearts, our “true self”. When we work from the inside out, we get a better result. Don’t just band-aid the problem, work on the root of the cause.

There are four kinds of people in your life: Those who add, subtract, divide or multiply. Those who do not Increase you, inevitably will Decrease You.

  • Do the people in your life add to you happiness and multiply your blessings?
  • Or do they subtract joy from you and divide you from the things that bring you joy?

In order to achieve true happiness we must move toward positive actions, thoughts and people. Now as hard as that may seem it is not impossible. It just takes work, effort, determination and dedication. Even when you’re in a situation that seems hopeless a good way to heal yourself is to help someone else in need; Positive Action.

When you feel your worst, meditate on those things, which are good and uplifting. Think of the last time you had a great day; Positive Thoughts.

When you cannot seem to escape the negative by yourself, contact a friend who has a positive attitude and talk to them about what is happening in their lives and if you cannot think of anyone who fits that description, you need to find places where positive people would be; church, social events in your community, etc...;

These methods, of course, will not solve all of your problems but if you give them a chance they can help, you begin to feel more uplifted and optimistic. It is our outlook about achieving true happiness that will effect your situation(s) in life.

Our life experiences can help or hinder us.

Do not be deceived and think that you can "change" other people. People change themselves but not until they realize they have a problem. Do not associate yourself with people who do not celebrate your accomplishments. Always be where you are CELEBRATED and NOT tolerated... Become a problem solver and share the positive gifts that are within you with someone else….

Achieving True Happiness in Life begins on the inside of you. Changes are not easy and require tough decisions sometimes but they are worth it due to the results and quality of Life you'll experience…

Being uncomfortable for a little while and reaping the benefits for a lifetime is worth the change…


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